Sunday 17th November 2019             

Grand hotel, Brighton.



Regent room


1o:30am Climate Urgency Animal Emergency

‘Climate Urgency, Animal Emergency and what to do about it’



12:00 Now is the time for change

Across all aspects of our world, as a race, we have epically failed.

Animals are being slaughtered in their billions, the earth is contaminated, and our health is failing.

As a collective we need to change the way we treat others, the way we farm, and we need to return to a more balanced and healthier lifestyle for ourselves.

Covering many aspects, John has raised animals for food, he then changed, he is also in advanced heart failure, so can talk from a personal level of the health benefits of living a vegan lifestyle.

Honestly and candidly, John shares his story with sincerity, heartfelt truths and stark reality.

This is one talk you will not want to miss.


13:15 Cannabis medicines in the UK

Cannabis medicines have been legal since November 2018 but very few patients have a prescription, find out why, what can be done to accelerate the process. Introducing project twenty 21 a human observational study aiming to provide data so the NHS can prescribe – without the need for animal testing.

14:15| Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd UK is a registered marine conservation charity whose mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife around the UK’s coastline and across the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species

15:15| Humane league 

The talk will go through what they do as an organisation more broadly (history of The Humane League, theory of change, how they campaign, the team), key campaign successes to date, current campaigns, and how people can get involved (supporting our campaigns, becoming a volunteer etc.) and then some questions and answers