A vegan alternative to Baileys Liqueur

Brandy and Horchata

From Valencia
Tigernut Horchata . One of Spain’s favourite and most popular drinks. First cultivated by the Egyptians over 4000 years ago, the Tigernut is grown in the rich soil of Valencia, where the warm, moist climate is perfect for producing the finest quality product , which the Spanish dry in the baking sun, grate to a fine powder, then add water and a little sugar to make the delicious Horchata. We take the Horchata and concentrate it, so that its distinctive nutty taste is even more intense, a flavour unlike any other, and always served very cold.
From Jerez

A fine brandy. From the bodega Bellavista, one of the oldest and most important bodegas in Spain, founded by William Garvey in 1742, their knowledge and techniques have been accumulated over centuries. This delicious brandy is soft, smooth and rich with the taste of the century old ,oak casks , in which it was formed, distilled to perfection with the help of the cool Atlantic winds which roll in over the plains of Cadiz, fanning the casks in the heat of the blazing sun.
This exquisite mix, harmoniously blended, gives a drink that is unlike any other. It also goes perfectly over ice cream, crepes and in cakes. Try it…its absolutely delicious

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